Apolaki: Frazer Island Development

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About the Project

Project Title: Apolaki: Frazer Island Development

Location: Honday Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Project Status: Proposed

Among the unique islands in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa sits the 290-hectare Fraser island, the land upon which this development was conceptualized.  Mythicized in parts of the Philippines, Apo Laki the God of the Sun is the inspiration of this development as it mirrors the element of fire in its indigenous architectural influences.


Apolaki merges with the elements brought by nature. It has very distinct and unique topology with its two lagoons defining the outline of the beach on opposite sides. The 53,000 square meters of built environment blends with the natural and exuberant foliage, the marine and terrestrial biodiversity, and the soft waves of Sulu Sea.


Also known as the Fraser Island Development, Apolaki is divided into 4 phases, the Club, the Marina, Island living, and the Hotel Complex. It provides a variety of accommodation options and an array of unique amenities designed with focus towards ecological awareness, making sure the natural resources of the island is uncompromised.


Master Planning, Architectural Design, and Interior Design by Architect Maria Agnes Lambuson